Emma Frost - Human Art

Good morning!

My thoughts on AI to date. My position is in favor of Human Art.

I've tried to experiment with Ai, I've never used it just as a prompt but I've tried to understand if it could be useful in the workflow, I've also seen interesting results honestly. This was because it led to personal results in which AI played a marginal role. So my mind is open on this topic and I have done my own experiments to understand the medium.

However, I have seen that too many people call themselves artists just by entering a prompt and above all they don't say that they have used AI.

This is confusing and not good for our industry. So I agree with most of my colleagues.

I'm open to seeing developments and I'm always interested in understanding the evolution of the Art but AI currently has major copyright issues that it needs to resolve if it is to be credible.
Without resolving this, AI cannot play any role and have no sense.

For my attitude I prefer to respond with positive affirmations rather than negatives....so I'm for #humanart
And, when possible, I will accompany my illustrations to work in progress videos (which AIs can't do :) ).

Have fun!


P.S. This illustration was made partially on paper ( pencil ) and Digital ( colors on ProCreate ).