WIP Video

My main workflow consists of 5 main phases, and here I'm showcasing the first two (the most important ones). 1 - Sketching (which I usually do on paper or on Procreate, like in this case) 2 - Coloring (done on Procreate) 3 - Blending (usually done on Art Set on iPad, but I vary and also use Procreate or Photoshop) where I harmoniously blend the colors 4 - Adding details (I do this on Art Set or Procreate) 5 - Texturing (I incorporate various types of textures in Photoshop to create a rough effect and enhance photographic details). As you can see, phases 1 and 2 are the most crucial, while the remaining phases are more about refining and adjusting the finer elements. It's also evident that the same illustration transitions between different programs (and even paper), making it challenging to capture the entire process (but I promise to record the other phases as well!). You can find the extended version of this work-in-progress on my Club (link in bio), where you can watch the HD video at a slower pace with more details.#ArtWorkflow #WorkInProgress #BehindTheArt #CreativeProcess #ArtisticJourney #ArtClub #HDVideo #CaptivatingDetails #illustration #like #ipad #video #work #art