Warrior Girl 01 - WIP

Let the game begin! Starting today, I'm thrilled to share mesmerizing work-in-progress videos of my sketches that will serve as the foundation for my upcoming illustrations. Brace yourself for a journey behind the scenes! 🎨✨ I'll be posting a few tantalizing glimpses and then turning to you to decide which sketch deserves to transform into a stunning final illustration in vibrant colors! 🌈🖌️ Once we've handpicked the most captivating one, get ready for the next phase—I'll also show the work-in-progress video of the next phase, which involves adding details and color! 🌟✏️ I can't predict the exact number of sketches I'll create before selecting one, but expect a delightful array of possibilities! 😊✨ As for the frequency, I'll strive to treat you with these creative wonders approximately once every two days (but it all depends on your enthusiasm, so help me spread the word!). 📣💕"

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