The library 2 - Style experiment.

The library is the first of a series of style experiments ''out of the box''
Of course, I have also used MidJourney but I think I have found an interesting way to get results that I am satisfied with.
1 I started with a sketch of mine ( very simple and clear, with very strong contrasts ) that I entered in the prompt as a start, added text that described it well but not too long by adding --iw 10 at the end.
2 I selected the thumbnail closest to my thinking ( I had to try several times )
3 - I left the image without scaling it to the max.
4 - I adjusted, edited, added, and redrew some parts.
5 - I worked on it again to give a consistent effect.
I think MidJourney is a great tool if you're trying to do something different because it forces you to think differently and find alternative solutions. Like all tools it should be used with caution but I think it's really great.
That's it.