Woman with a Shield

I made this Concept in different steps, also using AI.
Here are the steps:
1 - I made a detailed sketch.
2 - I used the sketch as a reference for the AI and I chose the solution I liked best after a series of attempts.
3 - I totally redraw some parts and in others parts I went over them with Procreate.
4 - In photoshop I gave some final touches!
Why use AI? Because can produces an interesting element of Kaos (starting from your sketch ) and I find this interesting.
I respect every kind of debate and every point of view on the subject but, for me, it is just another tool that we can (or not) use for our creative process.
Thinking that AI replaces Artists simply doesn't make sense, thinking that Artists can use it for their workflow seems have sense to me.
That's it smiley.
- So: NO, this is not a prompt BUT in the overall process the use of AI plays a role.
- I am working on an Art Book in my extra time where I will show the original sketches and all the passages in order to make clear (and useful?) How AI can be one of the many tools you can use without losing your own creativity'.

P.S. I decided from this moment to sign MT+AI all my works have a part of AI into the process, also if is a small part.
P.P.S. NO, I will not always use AI, only when I think it will be useful :)